Ryan P Smith

Web Design for your small business

Site Creation & Design

I create websites for small businesses. If you have a design idea already, I can implement it. If you need guidance with the design, I can help there too. I actively manage the hositing of sites for my clients as well as helping them with search engine optimiztion (SEO). I can also set up email addresses at your domain name and walk you through getting set up on Outlook or your smartphone. Checkout my projects page for a list of recent projects.

Mobile First

I use Twitter Bootstrap as a starting poing for my projects. It's mobile first, so there's no need to 'optimize your site for mobile.' Many web designers charge extra to create a mobile site, but because it's baked right into the frontend framework, there's no extra charge passed down to the client. Your site will look great on a large desktop, a mid-size device like an iPad, or a smaller smartphone.


The best way to reach me is via phone or email.
Tel: (408) 438-3257
Email: ryansmithwebdesign@gmail.com

You can also connect with me via social media:

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